About Us

Al Ekhaa Private Schools

Al Ekhaa Private Schools in Jeddah are among the most prestigious private schools in Jeddah Governorate and are among the leading schools in the field of education. It was founded by a prominent educational family well known in this field in the year one thousand three hundred and ninety-one AH in a small rented building. Over the course of more than half a century, the schools kept pace with the cultural developments in the city and built an educational complex for boys on an area of more than ten thousand square meters according to the latest specifications and provided it with the latest educational means. Technology and provided it with qualified educational cadres with distinguished experiences, and entrusted its leadership to educational leaders known for their competence and good management. It introduced foreign education into its curricula and was one of the first schools to do so. The result of this was that its students obtained distinguished grades in national tests such as aptitude and achievement tests. As for its graduates, they have occupied prominent positions in various sectors, institutions and companies throughout the governorate and various regions of the Kingdom. This is also the case in girls’ schools. Today, the schools have become an educational company looking to expand its activity by establishing more branches to serve the children of neighborhoods far from schools and providing distinguished educational services that keep pace with the knowledge revolution. and digital worldwide.

Mr.Mohamed Mahdi Al Harthi

General Supervisor of Schools

Al Ekhaa Private schools seek to improve their educational outputs and preserve national and social values to be the most prominent schools in Jeddah governorate educationally and pedagogically. The school has maintained its excellence during its more than fifty-four-year career. Al Ekhaa Private schools are always keen to select the best teachers from all Arab and international nationalities to provide the best modern strategies in education. Al Ekhaa schools take care of in-door and out-door services, in the belief in the importance of activity in promoting knowledge and experience. Al Ekhaa schools are proud to participate parents in the formulation of their educational policy and follow up our students' levels to achieve the desired goals. Al Ekhaa schools are also proud of achieving advanced results in national tests (Capabilities Test and Achievements Test ) and obtaining the highest assessment in school accreditation from the International Accreditation Forum Cognia.

Our Vision

Leadership and excellence in educationan among private schools in the kingdom.

Our Mission

To creat a world of opportunities for all learners along with vigorous community engagement and attractive and safe learning environment that promots growth skills development and inspires innovation and creativity and creats global competitors

Knowledge is light and glory