Application Process

Admission and registration for 2023-2024

You can register for schools in several ways:

1- Visit the schools’ admission and registration office - the unified number for schools 920035977
2- Register via the schools’ website

Steps to register in schools

1. Completion of the admission application either in person at the registration section or through the school's website.
2. Subsequent communication from the school to schedule the
student's attendance for the admission test and interview, with emphasis on the test being free and administered electronically.
3. Upon successful completion of the test and interview, the school arranges a meeting with the guardian to finalize the registration process, submit necessary documents, remit seat reservation fees, and sign the contractual agreement. If the initial test is unsuccessful, an opportunity for a retest is provided with a new date.
4. Full registration is attained only after the submission of all requisite documents (the student's file) and payment of tuition fees in accordance with the school's policy, available for review through the tuition fees icon.
5. Failure to complete registration within the stipulated time forfeits the guardian's entitlement to a refund of seat reservation fees.

Acceptable Age for Male/Female Students: Fresher (as per Ministry of Education guidelines):

Age of acceptance
3 years
KG 2
4 years
5 years
First Grade
5 years and nine months and above (for those not educated in a kindergarten)

First Grade: 5 years and six months, provided the student has studied in an approved kindergarten in the Noor program.