International Boys -Academic

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Current Academic Offerings

Al Ekhaa Schools proudly offers two distinct curricula - the Saudi National Curriculum for Grades 11-12 and the International Program for grades 1-12. The International Program leads to the American Diploma in Grades 10-12.

American Diploma Program

The American Diploma Program, conducted in English, is recognized nationally and internationally. It aligns with International Standards of Learning, originating from the diverse educational systems in the United States. Accredited and accepted by prestigious universities globally, this program prepares students for academic challenges and the dynamic world.

Subjects Taught

The curriculum encompasses English (Language and Literature), Arabic, Mathematics, Sciences (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry), Humanities, Islamic Studies, Arts, Technology, and Physical Education

Common Core State Standards

The Al Ekhaa International Program adopts the Common Core State Standards, providing clear, consistent guidelines for students in math and English language arts from kindergarten through 12th grade. Developed by experts and teachers across the United States, these standards ensure readiness for entry-level careers, college courses, and workforce training programs. The focus is on nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills essential for success.

Program Structure and Credits

Commencing at Grade 9 and concluding at Grade 12, students must accumulate a total of 25 credits to graduate. Each credit signifies that a subject is taught five (5) or six (6) times per week during the academic year. Subjects are assigned varying credit values based on program requirements. Successful attainment of 25 credits qualifies students for the American Diploma. SAT I and SAT II success enhances university acceptance globally, while GAT and SAAT support admission to Saudi local universities.

Standardized Tests for College Admission

All students are required to take SAT I (English and Math) by the end of Grade 11. SAT II is mandatory during Grade 12, aligning with international university requirements.
For Saudi local university admission, students must undertake the Standardized General Aptitude Test (GAT) in Math and Language, along with the Student Academic Achievement Test (SAAT) in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Mathematics.
From grades 1-9, students undergo the formative standardized test MAP three times per year in core subjects (English Reading, English Language, Math, and Science). Results guide teachers in creating tailored intervention support programs, addressing the needs of high achievers and bridging gaps for average and low achievers.