Our curriculum

Curriculum Framework

Al Ekhaa Schools align with the American curriculum, incorporating the Common Core Curriculum Standards as a guiding framework for educators. Additionally, the curriculum integrates Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, and Saudi National Studies Syllabi to meet the requirements of the Saudi national educational system. The student-to-teacher ratio is maintained at 11 to 1, with Grades 1 to 12 following the American system and utilizing relevant textbooks.

Optimized Learning Experiences

The curriculum, instructional strategies, learning activities, and assessments are meticulously designed to optimize learning experiences for all students. Research indicates that approximately 70-80% of students achieve average to above-average levels of accomplishment. Those requiring additional support undergo remedial work, with continuous communication between teachers and parents regarding their progress.

Continuity and Progression

The curriculum at each grade level is designed to impart knowledge and build target skills in reading, comprehension, speaking, writing, critical thinking, comparison, and analysis. This is achieved through a blend of classroom teaching, extra reading, related learning activities, and integrated co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Textbooks and resources are continuously reviewed, updated, and replenished.

International Section Preparation

Al Ekhaa’s International Section prepares students for SAT 1 and SAT 2 subjects, as well as Saudi local university standardized college admission SAAT and GAT examinations over two or three years. The program aims to enhance linguistic skills, foster analysis of content-based material, and prepare students for pre-university qualifications. The course emphasizes literature appreciation, research-based skills, and the development of informed opinions, judgments, and diverse writing styles.

Academic and Social Standards

The Department upholds high academic and social standards, ensuring that students, upon graduation, exhibit competence in English Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, General Science, Computer Studies, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Quran, French, and essential competencies in citizenship, communication, multiculturalism, problem-solving, and technology. Dedicated subject teachers oversee General Sciences, with a well-equipped laboratory managed by a Science laboratory technician for Grades 4-12.

Comprehensive Integration

The American Curriculum is seamlessly woven with Citizenship (for the Arab World), Arabic Language, Islamic World History, and Education. This approach, tailored to the needs and sensitivities of the region, reflects the school's commitment to a well-rounded education.

Language Acquisition and Lifelong Skills

From Grade 1 onward, the school offers a program focused on enabling students to read, write, understand, and speak both English and Arabic. The acquisition of two languages supports the development of lifelong skills in communication, critical thinking, and analysis. Emphasis is placed on language learning, reflected in the time allocated to English classes and related learning activities throughout grade levels.